Deanery Road residents fear more bloodshed after shooting

October 23, 2019

Residents along Deanery Road and the surrounding areas in St Andrew now fear what might happen in the coming days following Wednesday's shooting of six persons.

The persons were shot at a doctor’s office minutes after 11 a.m. Initial reports said that five persons were shot.

Of the six, one man is confirmed dead, while a four-year-old, two women and two men were rushed to the hospital.

“Mi drive through yah so fi go home enuh and me a ensure seh mi leave work early today and go home because mi know seh dis evening a bare things a go happen,” one man said.

Another resident said that the war between members of the community and persons from Jacques Road in Mountain View has been going on for a while.

The resident believes that things will get worse as the deceased is said to be a popular figure.

“It look like a trail dem trail him enuh ... mi think a him one dem go fah and the other people dem just get shot because the man dem a run him dung. When him see the play him run, and a so the other people dem get shot,” an alleged eyewitness said.

Residents said they advise people to stay in because things are going to get bloody.

The Corporate Communications Unit has confirmed the incident; however the name of the deceased has not yet been released.