Sex in the middle of the road ... Jamaican on 90 Day Fiancée has huge appetite

October 29, 2018
Contributed Jamaican Jay Smith and his fiancée, Ashley Martson.

Ashley Martson, the American fiancEe of 21-year-old Jamaican Jay Smith, who appears on TLC's reality TV show 90 Day FiancEe, says they have a lot sex, sometimes even in public.

"I think intimacy is really important, sometimes I just pull the car over and have sex in the middle of the road," she said during the second episode of the series.

Ashley, 31, says she would like to keep Jay happy, although she was nervous about his past as 'player.'

"I definitely feel the pressure but I need to keep him satisfied, including like having sex three times a day," she said.

Jay proposed to Ashley eight days after meeting her. He has been granted a K1 visa to travel to the USA. The K1 visa requires a foreigner to marry his or her US citizen petitioner within 90 days of entry.

"The thing with Jamaican men that women like is that we are very romantic, they say we have the heavy sack or whatever you say, we come tall," Jay boasted on the second episode of this season's show which was aired last night.

He is, however, worried that she might break off the relationship because of her past experiences.

"She ran away from two relationships because they weren't perfect for her and I am kind of worried that she might run away from mine, but I love her so much and so I am just gonna work overtime to make her happy," he said.

Jay expressed his eagerness to be with his fiancEe in her homeland, in her bed, giving her the 'D' every day.

"Normally, when a black guy is with a white girl, Jamaicans feel it is because they want to get over to the States, so he picks anything, some of them is like fat and slabby, [but] with like a beautiful Jamaican guy like me but that's not my style," Jay said.

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