‘Tan a yuh yaad’ nine night for Bunny Wailer

March 09, 2021
Bunny Wailer
Bunny Wailer

Plans are in the making for a nine night ceremony for Bunny Wailer to be held, but under strict COVID-19 protocols, and with a twist.

Thursday, March 11, marks the ninth day since the passing of the co-founder of the internationally acclaimed group, Bob Marley and the Wailers, and the family wants to commemorate this day, even with the coronavirus stalking the land.

"Jamaica is under a lot of pressure as the COVID is raging. We know that fans locally and internationally want to celebrate Jah B, but the logic of the situation has demanded that his nine night be designed in keeping with this particular COVID-19 situation," the family said. The decision is to stage a 'tan a yuh yaad' celebration at 9 p.m. Thursday, to pray for the peaceful ascension of the music legend, who died on March 2 at the Medical Associates Hospital in St Andrew.

"We are asking all and sundry to light a white candle, it could be a tea light candle, or any white candle of your choosing, and beat drums, or pot covers, or whatever else you can find, and pray for Jah B as he traverses to higher ascension into the unknowable world. He is now in conscious form and radiating a peaceful light free from the denseness of human form. So with this transformation, we assist in his travel with our own light and prayers. May he be received well. As Above So Below," the family request said, noting that at 9 p.m. is one hour after the nightly curfew when everybody should be at home.

The nine night has its roots in African heritage and is a wake that takes place on the ninth night after someone dies. Persons stay awake the entire night, mainly to offer emotional and material support to the deceased's relatives and friends. According to traditional Jamaican belief, the journey from this world to the next is not complete until nine nights after the death of the body. On the ninth night, the ghost or 'duppy' of the deceased is said to depart permanently, at which time its friends must give it a party as a celebratory send-off.

The new COVID-19 protocols have limited gatherings to 10 persons and has placed a two-week ban on funerals.

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