Eek-A-Mouse lashes gun lyrics and homophobia

June 30, 2021

Veteran Jamaican entertainer Eek-A-Mouse is giving his energy to the trap dancehall being promoted by the new generation of deejays. But he is dismissing as idiots those who persist in praising "gun and gal" and spewing homophobic lyrics.

"Mi love the new beat. The trap ting have a audience, because the young people love it. Me is a bad ole bwoy 'cause my style unique, and when me seh mek di young people dem gwaan do dem ting, people must listen," he told THE STAR.

From his base in Sweden, Eek-A-Mouse declared that he is "not a gunnie" and advised artistes to "leggo" the gun talk.

"First of all, badman don't like when artiste pick up gun. Yuh see how much a dem gone a jail and have gun case inna court? A fool dem yuh nuh. As dem get big, dem want buy gun. Some of dem want be drugs man, badman and entertainer. Choose one! Ding ding, didi, bang di, ba ding ding," he said, giving his usual conversational interjections.

Eek-A-Mouse, who came under fire in 2019 when he posted videos of himself with a rainbow flag and wearing lipstick, is totally unrepentant, but said it was strategic.

Put on a wig and some lipstick

"True di group dem did hate Buju and we had a concert in Europe, I decided to put on a wig and some lipstick and bring them in to the venue, instead of having them demonstrate on the outside. But the same day of the concert it was cancelled. And now, di man dem a yaad seh 'Mouse a men' and 'Mouse gay' and all kind of things," he said, laughing out loud.

Eek-A-Mouse added, "Dem too homophobic! How yuh fi seh yuh a go bun down Rome? The Pope and me ah friend. All I want to do a smoke some weed with the Pope. I even have a Pope costume that I wear on stage when I am in Italy."

The entertainer insisted that he loves women of all colours, sizes and shapes; however, he is no "gallis".

"Eek-A-Mouse respect woman. Sometimes dem try to be crafty, and I have stories of nearly getting trapped and even of getting trapped by a girl who I thought was classy, but she was trashy. But I love women. Me is a man love show off with my woman when we go out. When those big white boys ask, 'How Mouse can get all those white girls?' I tell them that I like three types of white girls, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood and Cinderella," he told THE STAR.

Eek-A-Mouse, who has made the link with VP Records again, recently released the singles Dem A Parasite and Still Smuggling, which references his big weed tune from yesteryear, Ganja Smuggling.

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