730Bossy encourages fans to ‘elevate’

September 22, 2021

Recording artiste 730Bossy tries lift the spirits of the public with his latest single Elevate.

"Everyone everywhere is feeling the effects of the pandemic, and as an entertainer I feel it's a part of my calling to use my music as a tool to help ease the minds of the people. Elevate is a song that serves my fans in every way. It motivates, it entertains and it's a party banger. The response I have been receiving is tremendous, my music is reaching people from all demographics, and I am thankful that my supporters continue to believe in my work," said 730Bossy.

The artiste developed a passion for the musical arts at a tender age. He used music as a fun pastime while growing up in Portland and is currently continuing his musical journey in the United States.

With the traction the single has been receiving, 730Bossy decided to put plans in place to shoot and release an official video to complement the track. He also recently signed with a new team in hopes that it will positively impact his upcoming EP.

"Building a foundation based on support is an important part of any journey, and as such I have opted to sign with LOS Publishing to assist with groundwork and public relations. Thus far, our promotional campaign has been proven effective, which has pushed us to complete my self-produced EP, A Pawn To A King," he shared.

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