Tyron YG focuses on the ladies with new single

October 21, 2021
Tyron YG
Tyron YG

Recording artiste Tyron YG is hitting the airwaves with his newest musical release titled Touch Road.

"This song is pretty straightforward. It is a song for the ladies that describes how I pursue women," the artiste explained. With raunchy yet catchy lyrics that get straight to the point, the artiste has great expectations for the single's performance and reach.

"I am hoping that this song will get a lot of airplay. I want to see it gain some traction so that I can build my audience," he said. An accompanying music video for the track is currently in the planning stages.

Hailing from Eltham Park in Spanish Town, St Catherine, Tyron G said that he is not afraid to step outside the box to try something new with his sound. As his career evolves, his core focus is creating music that can be appreciated by, and dedicated to, women.

"I mostly write hardcore dancehall songs that the ladies can vibe and relate to," he said. Before Touch Road, his other releases include Freak Gyal and High. The artiste also revealed that he is working on a forthcoming EP and is intent on "building my craft and becoming a mainstream artiste".

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