Vershon and Chronic Law deliver ‘Cyah Trust Dem’

January 18, 2022
Chronic Law
Chronic Law

Known for sharing life lessons through music, recording artistes Vershon and Chronic Law recently collaborated on a single titled Cyah Trust Dem, which was produced on Vershon's Real Queffa Records imprint.

The official video for the track made its way to Vevo on January 12 and has been trending since its debut. When asked about the collaboration, Vershon shared, " It's always a fulfilling feeling to give the fans something they can relate to, and a song like dis definitely did need a 'Law Boss' [Chronic Law's nickname] verse on it. Everybody knows what betrayal is, and a nuff time wi trust some people weh wi never expect fi hurt wi and a dem do wi di worst. So wi a show dem up fi kick-start di new year."

While the track continues to gain favour among music lovers worldwide, Vershon shares that the single comes as a part of a major life move on his part.

"The time to be wise is now, if yuh neva wise before; and the people we surround ourselves with have a lot to do with where we go and what we do. So right now, a just positive energy and like-minded people mi a deal wid. This song is already an anthem for everyone who wants a change in their environment, and I am proud that my music inspires change in my fans," he said.

In the coming months, Vershon is slated to release a discography of new music.

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