Top acts for ‘Samba’ rhythm

July 01, 2022
Spragga Benz
Spragga Benz

Three Kings Music Group and DiTruth Records have released the 'Samba' rhythm which features 20 tracks.

It has a Brazilian influence with a slow tempo and features artistes like Skeng, Jahshii, IWaata, Spragga Benz and Govana.

Skeng's collaboration with Govana titled Gvnman Spaniard came after his UK tour. The Protocol artiste showcases his lyrical competence on the track, complemented by Govana's smooth flow. Both artistes hail from Spanish Town. Badness by Jahshii and Jahvillani is projected to be another fan favourite. Meanwhile, fast emerging artistes D'Uptimis and Alloby prove that they can represent among top acts as some of the lyrics for their single titled Gunman City are being used as street slang.

Dancehall veteran Spragga Benz delivers the single Dawk. He sings, " RIP fi all mi friend who pass, Live life free, a wey mi friends endorse. Pagans flee when me an my friends step cross ... ." IWaata sings about his desire to be wealthy on his contribution titled, Rich. He gives an insight into his humble upbringing when he sings, " Mek e money fi yuh mada, build a toppa home. I'm from the slum, use to rat patrol. Never have a choice, music, microphone. Mi neva ave dah type a home (no). Nuh pool inna mi yard ... ."

The artiste further sings, " Ghetto yute waa rich, rich; have whole heap a millions" and expresses how proud he is of himself being able to rise up from his poor background.

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