‘Working fi a honest bread’ - Pamputtae explains decision to accept Pride booking

April 11, 2023

One week ago, dancehall artiste Pamputtae announced via social media that she will be performing at the Toronto Pride 2023 LGBTQ festival on June 24, and although she has received some amount of backlash, she has no apologies to offer to anyone.

"Opportunity is missed by most people because it's dressed in coverall and looks like work. With that being said, I'll be performing live at #PrideToronto June 24th, 2023," she posted on Instagram on April 4.

In an interview with THE STAR, Pamputtae said she was feeling good about being requested for the event.

"I am an entertainer and from yuh book Pamputtae yuh going to get a good show. From yuh book me, mi a guh show up, no matter who book mi. God bless mi with a talent and I am showcasing that talent," Pamputtae told THE STAR.

Dancehall has had a long history of homophobia, and in the past some artistes have even been banned from certain venues overseas because of their hardcore, anti-LGBTQ+ lyrics. Pamputtae, however, cares zero about the homophobia within the dancehall and emphasised that she is not judgemental and is "not here to tell people how to live dem life".

"I go on stage and perform for all races and all people. Nobody never dead yet and come back and tell yuh that if yuh perform fi gay people yuh a go a hell. At the end of the day everybody have to answer to God. Every man response fi dem own sin," Pamputtae declared.

In 2022, Dancehall Queen Spice came under pressure for headlining the same event. Pamputtae shared that she has even been threatened on social media, but the Single Mother singer is fearless in the face of adversity.

"From mi a work fi a honest bread dem can bash me all dem want. Mi nah buy nuh gun, mi nah kidnap nobody, and mi nah stop nobody food, so why mi shouldn't do the show? A lot of people com inna mi DM and a seh how mi sell out mi culture and a threaten mi. But dem can't bully me. Mi nuh fraid a dem, so all a dem who a send threat mek dem come," she offered.

PRIDE Toronto website mission statement declares: "We work to ensure equal rights and representation for every person of diverse sexual and gender identities.We are led by the communities we serve and supported by an incredible network of volunteers. Our collective diversity allows us to foster important conversations at the intersection of age, geography, race, religion, socio-economics, and experience."

In closing, Pamputtae noted, "If PRIDE call mi 100 times mi a go answer."

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