'Carnival baby' takes on the road with mom

April 16, 2023
Socaphile Georgia Hylton (left), poses with her daughter Hashima-Isis Gordon, who is taking part in her first carnival.
Socaphile Georgia Hylton (left), poses with her daughter Hashima-Isis Gordon, who is taking part in her first carnival.

Hashima-Isis Gordon is a carnival baby in the truest sense of the word. Her mother Georgia Hylton, met at her dad Rohan Gordon (now deceased) at carnival in 2004 when he was visiting Jamaica from the United States. The two started a relationship and Hashima-Isis, now 18, is the prodct of that union.

"We are mother and daughter," a proud and youthful looking Hylton said, with a playful, half smile making it obvious that she expected to hear incredulous shouts of "But oonu look like sista!"

Hylton willingly shared her carnival relationship story. "I met her dad at workout that they used to have at the start of the season. He was here from New York. That time carnival was being kept at Mas Camp on Trafalgar Road. We started a relationship and she was conceived during that time."

Hylton and her daughter were relaxing on the grounds of Devon House in their carnival attire before hitting the road. The socaphile has been to every carnival since that memorable meeting, and in 2023, her daughter is joining her for the first time. For both, it is a dream come true their excitement was palpable.

"We don't miss any of the events. From it launch till now," Hylton said, adding that her daughter has been posing for pictures throughout the time.

Gordon picked up where her mother left off. "It has always been one of my biggest dreams and now that I am living it out I am super happy... super excited. I'm loving it. I went to Bacchanal J'ouvert Friday night. It was crazy! Mi pain up. When mi go home mi haffi sleep for hours. My expectation is to wild out," Gordon said with a laugh.

Hylton explored carnival from the point of energy and ancestor celebration.

"Carnival send out good energy into the universe. When we finish at the water fete yesterday, there were two huge rainbows right across and everybody was looking at it. It stopped right at the water and we could see the glow in the water. Carnival is a celebration of the ancestors as well. I don't see it as just entertainment, it is a celebration of the spirit of our ancestors. This is how we were born free.. it celebrate the freedom. We don't born into clothes. When we revel we come together and give out a good vibration which help to elevate the Earth. It's a connection with the Earth. The Christians said it was a curse, but it actually send out good vibration and even the earthquake [yesterday] it help to elevate the Earth," Hylton declared.

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