TikTok recharges Currentzicks’ ‘Bull Ina Pen’

June 02, 2023

Social media app TikTok has breathed new life into recording artiste Currentzicks' 2020 song, Bull Ina Pen.

The song's popularity took a positive turn when it went viral, with more than over 30,o00 posts created using the audio. The accompanying music video was officially released last month and has amassed about 300,000 views.

"My hope for this song is for it to get bigger, locally and internationally. The feedback has been very excellent; it's currently a favourite song among the women. It's always being replayed at parties, as it's frequently requested to be played for enjoyment," the artiste said.

Involved in music for the past 14 years, Currentzicks has been writing music since he was in grade six. Over the years, he has honed his talent to embody the artiste he always dreamt of being.

"I would describe my style of music as mixed. I tend to do dancehall more, but I am a universal songwriter as well. I incorporate other genres, such as Afrobeat, trap, rap, R&B, as well as crossovers/fusions," he said.

With releases such as Bad Clarks Polo Shirt and Bad Man Turf, the artiste is looking forward to the continued growth of his brand.

"My goal is to put my career on the next level and to be one of the greatest to ever do it," he stated.

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