Tatik embracing musical growth

September 22, 2023

Dancehall artiste Tatik is finding it easier to navigate his way in the music industry amid the growing success of his latest single Strongest Soldier List.

Tatik, given name Kevin Daley, told THE WEEKEND STAR that the single has been receiving "crazy highlight right now".

"That [song] a open whole heap a doors. Start getting couple shows and more links to work with other producers and established artiste as well. A just a whole heap a doors a open right now," Tatik said.

He is no stranger to entertainment and the spotlight having performed in nationally televised talent shows, Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall and Magnum Top Performer. Tatik placed fourth and second in those respective competitions. He said the local competitions allowed him to improve on stage.

"Mi just grow more inna music with everything. I have a show in Chicago on November 4," Tatik said, of his first official US booking. He said that he recently returned from the Summer Jam stage in Germany and continues to hone his craft as a performer and recording artiste. He told THE WEEKEND STAR that there are several other local and overseas promoters reaching out and he is grateful.

He said Strongest Soldier List came about because of reality and life focus.

"We go through a little phase. Car get thief fi me already. Mi get scam and personal things in life we go through. Whole heap a start me start over inna life. Me try off certain business and me fail. Lose money deh so and mi try to involve circumstances others are faced with as well," Tatik said.

He said that persons approach him and tell him that Strongest Soldier List represents what they are faced with. The song has amassed more than three million views on music sharing platform YouTube.

"We see the views dem growing. Especially for [another single] Apology, everybody thought that song was gonna be the song. Now, Strongest Soldier List kinda sending people over to the older songs right now. TikTok people dem a blow up back some older songs. We see some songs leaving from 40,000 views to 150,000 right now, so we know it actually working," Tatik said. The buzzing single is produced by Crown Heights, Shynal, Natty Cargo and Ink Musiq.

Tatik added that he is currently working on a six-track EP titled Powerful. His other releases include Start Over, Better Me Self, and Leggo Mi Ears featuring Valiant.

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