Gunman escapes in taxi after killing businessman

November 14, 2018

Emotions ran high on Courtney Walsh Drive in Half-Way Tree yesterday afternoon as persons pondered the motive behind a brazen attack on a business owner.

Businessman Ren 'Basil' Malcolm, the operator a bike store, was shot seven times all over his body, including once in the head.

According to an alleged eyewitness, minutes after 1 p.m., Malcolm was attacked by a lone gunman inside his establishment, located on the popular street. The gunman shot him several times after a brief conversation.

According to the eyewitness, a vehicle was waiting for the perpetrator. However, after being challenged by a licensed firearms holder, the driver reportedly sped away leaving his accomplice behind.

"It come in like a movie, middle day and the man dem have shoot-out, mi couldn't believe it," the eyewitness told THE STAR. "Mi hear di shot dem start from inside di building, until it come outside. Di man dem run guh up a di top of the road and di man weh tek dem on run dem dung, but dem escape."


In confirming the incident, the police's Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) said that two other individuals, including the firearm holder who engaged the gunman, were being treated for gunshot wounds.

CCU further reported that the gunman was able to flee the scene by boarding a taxi.

As word of the incident spread, numerous motorcyclists, some of whom were visibly irate, came to the scene, questioning the motive for killing Malcolm.

"A can't Basil. Dem man deh nuh do nutten, dem man deh nuh trouble people. Dem man deh a good man," one shouted.

Another cyclist, who said he would hang out at Malcolm's business regularly, was at a loss for words.

"From dem shoot Basil, dem can shoot anybody, dem ya man no respect nobody," he said, wondering if . "A probably extort, dat a di only thing mi can think off, cause a suh dem place ya run, if yu nah pay extortion, dem come kill yuh.

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