Mother loses two babies at Jubilee - Woman begs for return of stolen newborn

January 10, 2019
Sinclair Hutton, father of the missing child.
The Victoria Jubilee Hospital
Sinclair Hutton, father of the missing child.
Suzett Whyte, mother of the newborn who was abducted from the Victoria Jubilee Hospital in Kingston last Wednesday.

When Suzett Whyte went into the delivery room two years ago, she had hopes of walking out with her little bundle of joy. But as if her extremely rough pregnancy wasn't enough pain, Whyte had to endure the agony of leaving the Victoria Jubilee Hospital (VJH) in Kingston without a child as the baby, a girl, lived for only three days.

Two years later, Whyte is again in pain as a result of the loss of another child in the hospital. Her baby, a boy, was stolen nine hours after his mother gave birth at the same hospital on Wednesday.

Yet again, Whyte is set to leave the hospital heartbroken. And she is being forced to defend herself from constant harassment from some security guards at the facility who have accused her of selling her baby.

"Mi have a rough pregnancy because mi have pressure problem and mi vomit a lot. Everyone did a tell mi not to go back for another child because mi next baby dead in 2017 because mi have pressure problem and preeclampsia. Everybody including mi madda, a ask if mi really go back, but mi tell her say mi did want a next baby, and now dem teef him. Mi don't even know myself right now," Whyte, 41, said.

Whyte said that after she gave birth on Tuesday night she was transferred to a 'high risk' section of the maternity hospital. The baby was born just after 7 p.m. on Tuesday, was discovered missing about 4:30 a.m., Wednesday, some nine hours after Whyte gave birth at the hospital.

"When mi wake the nurses were already doing their rounds on the ward, but dem never reach down on my side yet. Mi even hear dem a bathe a lady on the next side. Mi realise say mi clothes nasty up, and because the baby a sleep, mi say mi a go bathe before the nurse dem reach me," Whyte recounted.


Offered to help


The distraught mother told THE STAR that it never once crossed her mind that the minutes that followed would be so nerve-wrecking.

"The place never dead or anything because mi could even hear some of the other mothers a make noise. When mi a hurry go bathe, mi see a lady at the window with a head band round her head and she have natural hair, so mi tink a one a di mother dem cause mi nuh expect any visitor to be on the ward at dat hours," Whyte said.

The mother said that the woman, whom hospital administrators suspect took the child, offered to help her cleaned the section of the floor that was soiled. She quickly made her way to the bathroom but when she returned her baby was missing.

Whyte said that at first she thought that someone had heard her baby crying and took him up to comfort him. After realising that was not the case, she reported the matter to the nurse on duty.

"The rest a girl dem say dem see her on the ward from visiting hour a walk up and down with a receiver, but mi a wonder if sup'm can go so. From the incident, couple security guard come up yah a argue wid mi a say mi siddung a smile and a mi mek up and sell mi baby. Mi would never do dat. Not because mi nah shout, it no mean mi nah go through it," she said.

Colleen Wright, CEO of the Kingston Public Hospital and the Victoria Jubilee Hospital, said that a security breach may be responsible for the incident.

As a result, she said that they will be upgrading their security system to prevent another occurrence. She said that the police are continuing a frantic search for the infant.

The child's father, Sinclair Hutton, is still in disbelief about the incident.

"Even last week me and her a watch it on TV how dem teef di baby in MoBay and never know say our baby would be next. This place is not a kitchen coop where a chicken could drop out and mongoose nyam it. This place is full of security, and not one a dem see wah happen," he said.

Whyte, who has one other child, is pleading with the abductor to return her child. She told THE STAR that her blood pressure has escalated dramatically since the incident.

"Please mi a beg yuh, just bring back mi baby. If you is a madda, you would know how baby pain hot and terrible. It's not your baby. A mi have him, and mi go through a lot to bring him come here," she said.

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