Man uses fake gun to rob gas station ... But police catch him soon after

January 22, 2019

One man has been arrested after he reportedly used a fake handgun in a brazen daylight robbery of a gas station in east Kingston yesterday morning.

However, the robber was accosted soon after, when a team of lawmen was alerted and chased him down.

The imitation firearm and cash were taken from him.

THE STAR understands that members of the Public Safety and Traffic Enforcement Branch (PSTEB), who were working in the vicinity of the gas station, managed to foil the robber's escape.

multiple charges

Deputy Superintendent Errol Adams, commanding officer of the Public Safety Division at the PSTEB, told our news team that the employees were held up and forced inside the establishment.

Our news team gathered that multiple charges are pending for the would-be-robber.

Adams said, "He was held while making his escape, and the imitation firearm and cash was taken from him. He will be charged for among other things illegal possession of firearm."

The Corporate Communications Unit has confirmed reports and told THE STAR that investigations are ongoing.

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