'I want answers' - Expectant father shocked his baby was actually stolen child

February 11, 2019
A roadway in the rural St Catherine community, in which the female that was held with baby Sae’breon lived.

John John* is an angry man as he has spent the last month bonding with a child that he thought was his.

Ultrasound examinations had indicated that he and his girlfriend would be having a boy, and so when the baby came home, he was not surprised.

Although already a father, the joy of sharing a child with his spouse was surreal.

But that joy quickly turned to sorrow, as, after DNA tests were done, the baby was found to be that of Sinclair Hutton and Suzett Whyte. Their baby, Sae'breon, was snatched from the Victoria Jubilee Hospital early in the morning of January 9.

John is now seeking answers, but will have to wait until his spouse, who is presently in custody, speaks up and assists investigators.

She is to face an identification parade today.

John told THE STAR that he and the woman have been together for three and a half years. He said he was looking forward to seeing his son.

"Den nuh must? The lady pregnant, you must a look forward to yuh son, mi boss. Mi have two sons, she nuh have no kids," he said.

He told THE STAR of their last conversation saying, "Tuesday she say she a go pon di road. Mi ask her say weh ya go and she say she soon forward. In the evening the next sister call me and say dem want something ina di house. Mi say me deh work so when me reach in. When mi reach in, mi nuh see her, the next sister call me and say police lock har up."

Like others in the community, he believes his spouse should be examined as "something must wrong inside".

When asked if he could look at her the same way again, he said, "Mi nuh know, me would love fi see her first, fi ask her and she tell me weh she a tell me cause me still lost."

Meanwhile, John's sister, who also struck up a bond with the baby, wants answers surrounding her 'real' nephew.

She asked, “What happen to her (the girlfriend's) baby? Until now we don’t have a clue that that baby is not her baby.”

The family say they would be seeking an independent DNA test because the baby bore some resemblance.

The aunt said, “She (woman in custody) could be a victim herself. We would really like a private DNA sample of that child same way because even looking on that baby, trust me to God, a mi nephew. I need answers, what happened to my nephew? Nobody knows and she was pregnant.”

John told THE STAR that his spouse was looking forward to their baby as she had bought all the stuff and even had a baby shower.

John said that his girlfriend left the community, allegedly to have the baby, on January 7, and returned home on January 9, the same day as Sae'breon's abduction.

He said, "I don't know which hospital she go. I was at work and she call me and tell me she feeling some pain so she going hospital. So mi say a the best place that cause me deh St Thomas now."

John said he told his spouse to name the child because "me have two already and she never name none. Mi nuh memba the name ya now honestly."

John told THE STAR he is not aware if the child was ever christened.

The woman was picked up last Tuesday after she turned up at the Registrar General's Department in Twickenham Park to register the baby.

*Name changed.

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