Grandson charged after reportedly confessing to killing grandmother

October 20, 2021

The grandson of the elderly woman who was found dead at her home in Allside district, Warsop in Trelawny on Monday, October 18 has been charged with murder following an alleged confession during a question and answer session with the police. 

Charged is 26-year-old Jermaine Powell, otherwise called ‘Man’, of Allside district, Warsop in the parish. 

Reports are that about 12:15 a.m., Powell reported to the police that he discovered his grandmother’s body in her bed covered in blood.

The police responded and on their arrival, Walcott was found with multiple lacerations all over the body.

The crime scene was processed and the body was removed to the morgue. 

Powell was taken into custody, and a question and answer session was conducted on Monday, October 18.

During the session, Powell reportedly confessed that he killed his grandmother.

He was then charged. 

His court date is being finalised.

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