PM urges businesses to engage with workers before implementing vaccine mandates

October 20, 2021
Prime Minister Andrew Holness, greets residents during a vaccination blitz held recently at the Castleton Health Centre in St. Mary.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness, is encouraging businesses to dialogue with workers to obtain vaccine uptake and buy-in before deciding to embark on a mandatory exercise. 

“What we recommend to employers who would seek to do this is that they go through a very thorough process of engaging their employees, and companies have done that,” the Prime Minister said. 

He noted that some entities have obtained close to one hundred per cent vaccination against the coronavirus without a mandate, but by virtue of engaging the workers. 

“For some businesses, the risk for outbreak is significant, and they have to put in place measures to incentivise and urge their workers to get vaccinated,” he pointed out, adding that employees and employers “have the right to sit together and negotiate as a first strategy”. 

He noted that while employers have the right to protect their investments, it is the same businesses that provide income for workers, so “it is in the interest of both groups that there is some understanding about taking the vaccines”. 

The Prime Minister was speaking during a visit to St. Mary, recently, as part of his vaccination mobilisation and public education tours aimed at creating greater awareness about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines and increasing take-up.


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