AQUA AND WHITE: 2021 Christmas dress code from the Lord

December 06, 2021
Eve Campbell
Eve Campbell

Known for her yearly recommendations of colours to wear for the festive season, self-proclaimed 'Queen of the Gospel', Eve Campbell said that she has received another a message from God about what colours to wear this Christmas.

Campbell, who has been sharing the prophetic word -- which she claims that she got from God -- about Yuletide colours, said aqua and white are the colours to wear this Christmas.

"God said, 'Let likkle children, from two, three and four, six, seven, eight and nine, upper to 10 and 11, him never tell me 'bout 12. ... This material fi make the likkle girl dem dress. The background is yellow and the yellow cover with polka dot. Some likkle dot dot like blue, white, red and yellow on top of the plain yellow for the likkle girl dem dress," she said.

Campbell also said that these dresses can include frills, square necks and puff sleeves, though she did not give any specifications for boys.

For more than a decade Campbell has been sharing, through THE STAR, what she said are messages from God about what colours to wear during the Christmas period. According to Campbell, in recent years imitators have been trying to benefit from her Christmas colour messages.

"With the pink that I put in the paper, people are intruding on mi pink message. Them cyah come talk bout power of pink! I put in the message into the paper and if you going to use it to do something to suit you, you suppposed to find me to ask me if you can use it. You doah use it to gain money offa it and me nuh get anything."

Earlier this year, Campbell asked for $2 million as payment for her years of work. This time, however, there is no number attached to her demand.

"I am in need of help in the Christian way to help me to continue on because nobody is going to employ me and I don't live off the preaching. I'm badly in need of help, not to live somewhere because I'm not hungry, but in the Christian way. Sometimes yuh haffi buy more chairs, more tambourine, more Bible. I keep Sunday School for likkle children and mi need help with that," she said.

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