Doctor proposes early therapeutic treatment to battle COVID

January 18, 2022

Prominent neurosurgeon Dr Roger Hunter is calling again for the Government to shift to early therapeutic methods as the primary means to fight COVID-19.

"There is no condition that I know that if you treat it late, the outcome is better. Now we're not saying don't observe precautions and we're not saying don't try alternative strategies such as trying to vaccinate a virus that is always changing. What we're saying is the bedrock of medicine is therapeutic treatments. Early treatment matters and if the Government has not been doing that and if their strategy has not been geared towards early treatment, then I would beckon them to follow the lead of the independent public health providers," he said.

Since the start of the year, Jamaica has recorded 18,789 positive COVID cases and 60 deaths. The positivity rate now stands at 61.9 per cent with 382 persons hospitalised. Hunter says he has treated hundreds of patients with the Omicron variant with early, therapeutic home-based treatment and has had no losses. He suggests getting back to the Jamaica Moves fitness campaign and a focus on oral hygiene.

"Get back to exercising, losing weight! Don't lock gyms, don't lock people inside. Time for strategy to change. Outside, fresh air, turn off the AC, open the windows, lose weight, control your sugar, control your pressure, reduce your sugar intake, reduce your salt intake and let's get high impact," he said. "High front of packaging labelling on all of these, not processed foods, not highly refined foods, but ultra-highly refined foods that's so refined. We need to get those labels on those foods because at the end of the day, crime is not our number one killer. What we're eating is our number one killer."

He continued "I am calling again for a month of concentrated, unblocked oral hygiene. We know that the virus will come from your mouth right? Mostly. If we can reduce the viral load inside your mouth by brushing our teeth, flossing our teeth, Listerine, gargle, steaming, then we absolutely will reduce transmissibility."

Hunter also urged the Government to take steps to destigmatise contracting the virus similar to successful HIV awareness campaigns.

"People [can] come publicly and say they had COVID and bawl it out so to speak. Say it to the public, say it to the world 'I have COVID. I am not ashamed. You should not stigmatise; I will not stigmatise.' And the more and more we will get the notion across that it is okay to have COVID and not suffer harm, not suffer a discrimination," he said.

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