Accused money launderer fighting extradition to US

May 26, 2022

The third Jamaican, Seivwright Affleck, who allegedly acted as a money courier in an international narcotics enterprise will be contesting extradition to the US.

Oraina Lawrence, who is representing the accused, made the revelation in the Kingston and St Parish Court yesterday before Chief Parish Judge Chester Crooks.

The proceedings were prematurely adjourned as Crown Counsel Kimberly Guy-Reid informed the court that the documents relating to Affleck's extradition were not ready. The matter is set to be mentioned on July 22, when it is expected that the documents from the requesting US state will be received and disclosure will be made to the defence counsel. The other Jamaicans implicated in the narcotics ring, St Devon Cover and Dennis Rowe, waived their right to an extradition hearing on Tuesday and will stand trial in the US state of Massachusetts.

Cover, Rowe and Affleck are among 19 people who have been slapped with several criminal charges for their alleged involvement in the scheme, arising from an investigation from as far back as 2016 by law enforcement agents in Jamaica, the US, Colombia and other territories.

It is alleged that between 2017 and 2020, the men transported money from Jamaica to the US. Cover is alleged to have delivered US$268,000 to undercover police or a confidential informer. Rowe is said to have handed over US$606,000, while Affleck reportedly delivered US$650,000.

The scheme was allegedly used to launder approximately US$6 million in Colombian drug proceeds through banks in the Caribbean, the US and Europe. The probe, dubbed 'Operation Thin Ice', lasted for five years and was a joint effort between authorities in the three territories. The investigation targeted a Colombia-based money laundering organisation "that was infiltrated by law enforcement agencies in the United States, Colombia and Jamaica, among others".

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