Student detained on murder charge freed

December 07, 2022

A parish judge on Tuesday ordered that the university student, who was detained on suspicion of murder since November 29, be released from custody immediately.

The 20-year-old student was taken into custody by detectives attached to the St Andrew Central Criminal Investigative Branch for questioning in relation to a murder committed in the division on November 7.

A habeas corpus application seeking the student's release was expected to be made in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court by Ramon Clayton, who was holding on behalf of the detainee's lawyer Walter Melbourne.

Clayton submitted to Parish Judge Jacqueline Wilcott that the student intended to sit his final examinations today but would be hindered as he is in custody.

However, lawmen attached to the Half-Way Tree Police Station, who were leading the investigations against the student, informed the jurist that the detainee could be released immediately from custody. The order for the release was subsequently made.

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