Stolen phones to be blocked from networks

December 08, 2022

Telecommunications companies in Jamaica have joined forces to block stolen phones from accessing their networks.

Digicel yesterday announced that it is collaborating on an industry solution to block stolen phones from accessing all local mobile networks.

"The word here is that very soon, stolen phones will no longer work on any network in Jamaica. We are enhancing this assurance by working diligently through collaboration with the Ministry of Science, Energy and Technology and industry stakeholders," declared CEO of Digicel Jamaica, Jabbor Kayumov.

Digicel customers are currently able to report loss or theft of their phones, however, the devices are only blocked on its network. By supporting a cross-network solution, stolen phones will be disabled and included in a national database that would prevent them from being reconnected to any network.

"There is significant need for this now, considering that more robberies today involve the theft of a cell phone, with some incidents leading to injury and even death. This cannot be allowed to continue," Kayumov said.

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