DIRT CHEAP - Clarendon housing lands offered in ‘strictly cash deal’ ... Vendor insists it’s not a scam

January 06, 2023
The sale of these lands in Clarendon, which forms part of the Sevens Plantation, is being done on a cash-only basis.
The sale of these lands in Clarendon, which forms part of the Sevens Plantation, is being done on a cash-only basis.

Motivated by what he calls his desire to do good and help his fellow countrymen, a Jamaican man is offering "wise and smart people" an opportunity to own a piece of Jamaica for the ridiculously low cost of $2.5 million.

The lands, which are being advertised on the social media platform, Facebook, are said to be located in Clarendon.

A man who gave his name as Fitzroy Augustus Walker said he is the owner of the property.

He said that he has already sold 10 plots and buyers are lining up to buy the remaining 20 plots. The plots, he said, are quarter acre each. Similar sized lots in the area are being sold for $6 million.

"These lots are in a peaceful, quiet neighbourhood, beside housing schemes ... good road, light, water, Internet, everything. And they are going very cheap. These are a blessing! The wise and smart people see these and take advantage of these for they know they don't see these floating around every day. So, if you serious about building a home, it is wise to move now," says the vendor in a sales pitch sent in the form of a voice recording.

Walker said that the sale is "strictly a cash deal". Buyers will be required to pay $1 million upfront and at least another $500,000 three months thereafter. The remaining sum must be paid within three years after which the new landowners are provided with a title, the vendor said.

"Everybody want get rich in one day but I don't believe in that. I believe in doing good and helping people. We just deal straight. If you can find the money now, even a $1 million, before them sell off quick, you just sign the contract and then you would be on the journey. You can start build right away," he told the news team.

Walker asserted that he is the lawful owner of the property, which he started selling two weeks ago.

Checks with the Titles Office revealed that a Fitzroy Augustus Walker has been the owner of a 10-acre property at Sevens Estate in Clarendon since 2002. The volume and folio numbers on title matches the number which the vendor provided THE WEEKEND STAR as proof that he is the owner.

Meanwhile, attorney-at-law Kerry Ann Duhaney advised persons to engage the services of a lawyer before making land purchases.

"It is important to get an attorney who is going to research everything. Normally, if something is too good to be true, it normally is," Duhaney cautioned.

The vendor, however, told THE WEEKEND STAR that the land sale is legitimate. He said he has sold properties under similar arrangements elsewhere in the parish and St Catherine.

"People a pour in because they know they do not see these things every day. This is real thing, this is no scamming or b******t. The scheme a go be a nice housing scheme," he said.

"It nuh pretty out there, for rent is not getting cheaper. It getting more expensive every day and people waste money doing that. It is wise to get on the journey of building a home for you and your children ... you will be happy you did," the vendor added.

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