Woman fakes father’s death in cash scam

January 26, 2023

A Kingston woman allegedly conned US$20,000 (approximately $3.08 million) from a man, after promising to repay him when she received an insurance company payout following her father's death.

However, prosecutors in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court contend that there is no report of the death of the father of the accused. It is alleged that the woman approached the complainant and told him that she wanted to enroll in school and complete other tasks, and asked for a loan. She further stated that she would repay the sum once the insurance company sent her the funds from her dead father's policy.

"Your Honour, there is no dead father," the clerk of court told Parish Judge Paula Blake-Powell. To date, no restitution has been made by the woman.

"Get some funds to start paying back the money," the presiding judge instructed. The woman is to return to court on April 5.

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