Crooks steal $8 million from ATM

February 03, 2023
The spot from which an ATM was uprooted in Darliston, Westmoreland, early Thursday morning.
The spot from which an ATM was uprooted in Darliston, Westmoreland, early Thursday morning.

A worker at the Westmoreland service station from which robbers stole millions and an ATM on Thursday morning says that this is not the first time that thieves have struck.

"Just nine months ago there was a major robbery at this same location, where armed robbers entered the gas station, held us at gunpoint and robbed us, and now another incident where a huge amount of men break into the place and took away the ATM," the person said. The Westmoreland police confirmed that the ATM was recovered on the property of the Darliston Great House on Thursday afternoon. The police also confirmed that more than $8 million was stolen. According to the worker, the robbers spent more than 30 minutes carrying out their act.

"We are all now living and working in fear. It is very hard for us to come to work each day because you don't know when someone is going to pounce upon you," the worker said. "We crying out for help here. We need some help, we don't know if the minister of security or prime minister or whosoever we can get some help from. We need some help, at least to secure ourselves."

Twelve heavily armed men broke into the Jamison's Service Station in Darliston on Thursday and stole the ATM along with other items. Reports reaching THE WEEKEND STAR are that about 2:30 a.m., the men were caught on surveillance camera driving into the service station compound. They then used heavy machinery and power tools to cut away the grille from the entrance, before entering the establishment and dislodging the ATM, which was bolted to the floor. The men then robbed the mini-mart section of the station of cash, liquor, phone accessories and cigarettes before driving away. A similar robbery was carried out at Hi-Lo Supermarket in Fairview, Montego Bay, St James, on January 19. Robbers entered the supermarket by cutting a hole in the rear of the building.

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