LOVE CONQUERS ALL - Carters determined to stay together

April 28, 2023
Juliann and Cushane Carter.
Juliann and Cushane Carter.
The Carters say that breaking up is not an option.
The Carters say that breaking up is not an option.

After weeks of speculation, Juliann and Cushane Carter, from the popular vlogging channel The Carter Family, are reassuring the public that there is no end in sight for them.

Over a month ago the couple became entrenched in scandal as news broke that patriarch of the vlogging family, Cushane, known more popularly as CMR, had an extramarital affair.

Speaking on the matter, CMR told THE WEEKEND STAR, "For me I would say I wasn't focused, for the most part because me putting in so much to be where I'm at with my wife emotionally, spiritually and just to be loved in the way we're loving each other, for me to have this setback ... ," he said, his voice trailing off.

Likening his infidelity to drug addiction, he said when he saw the toll it took on Juliann, who is more popularly known as Crissy, he felt 'drained, remorseful and sorry'.

During the heights of the scandal, Crissy said she was unable to meet work obligations and had to even push back the launch of her skincare line to find a way to cope.

"Me personally, I wasn't thinking about social media when everything happened at first," she explained. "My support system is strong, from persons that I know and from persons that I don't know. I didn't know that there was so much love until this happened. So I blocked out social media and that wasn't a big thing. I wasn't like 'Oh this [be]come public on social media' none of that. It was more so 'it just shouldn't happen'."

Crissy explained that during the initial stages of the scandal, they were living apart, but reunited soon after to prioritise parenting and their joint businesses. Now they say they have both started to attend counselling, both as a couple and as individuals.

"Breaking up is not in the picture for me and I don't think on the future in that way or that manner," CMR explained. "We're going through what we're going through now and we're still fulfilling obligations, contractually and with the business that we have going on. My wife is getting ready to launch her skincare line and this was months before everything. So we're still able to do that, but to say 'what if we break up?' I don't think like that."

Crissy added, "With everything that was going on, I had the option to leave because of everything. So for me [leaving] right now, [the answer is] no."

She said for the foreseeable future they are focusing on the launch of their new skincare line Skin Sauver, under the Watch Crissy Work brand, as well as their trucking business and CMR's music career.

"We have brand deals, we have stuff that we need to get done still so that still goes on, regardless. At first it was [hard] because I didn't want to do what I'm supposed to do, the obligations that I have I held them. Some of them is just releasing now so I'm good. At first it was just to know that yeah we have to work together and the situation how I was feeling, before therapy started. It's getting back there," she said.

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