Mentally challenged men allegedly beaten by cops

May 10, 2023
Wayne McBean
Wayne McBean
Orville McBean
Orville McBean

The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) has commenced a probe into allegations that two men, who are said to be of unsound mind, were beaten by members of the security forces at their home on Fitzgerald Avenue in Kingston on Sunday.

Brothers Wayne McBean, 48, and Orville McBean, 43, suffered cuts and bruises which residents said are the result of injuries inflicted by soldiers who carried out the attacks while a member of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) watched.

"Is four soldier and one police, but a di soldier dem a beat him and the police stand up right deh suh," said Chantell Williams, a neighbour.

She said the community was awoken to a chorus of chaos, about 5 a.m., only to witness the brothers being battered. Residents alleged that the security personnel entered the men's premises and demanded to be told about the whereabouts of a man they were pursuing.

"Dem tear off di door and go inna the man house and ask him 'weh di man deh weh run?'" Williams said. She alleged that the brothers were beaten after they failed to provide the lawmen with the information they were seeking.

Another neighbour, Elaine Guthrie, said the McBean brothers have been in the collective care of the community since the death of their parents.

"A years me know dem. When you motherless and fatherless is hard something enuh, cause if dem parents was alive dis coulda never happen. It just grieve me how dem pop off di door and go inah the man dem place and deal wit dem," Guthrie said.

Residents took the injured men to Up Park Camp, the headquarters of the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF), were they intended to file a report. When they got there, however, the soldiers sent them to the Kingston Public Hospital where the McBean brothers were treated.

Contacted for comment on the matter, Denyelle Anderson, senior public relations officer at INDECOM, said the investigative body has received a preliminary report of the incident.

"Those allegations are against members of the JCF and JDF, and the commission will be investigating the incident," Anderson said.

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