JFF board to decide Meadforest’s fate

March 23, 2023
Dennis Chung
Dennis Chung

Dennis Chung, the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) general secretary, said any decision regarding the Kingston and St Andrew Football Association's (KSAFA) move to suspend Meadforest Football Club indefinitely would have to come from the board of the governing body.

The suspension was communicated to Meadforest by letter to president Dalgalish Henry, dated March 10, and Chung, who just returned from the FIFA Congress in Rwanda, was unable to comment on whether there would be repercussions for the parish association.

Chung previously stated that KSAFA had no right to prevent a club from playing in a JFF competition.

KSAFA also declared that they would not sanction any transfer of players to Meadforest.

However, Chung insists the JFF stands firmly behind the clubs participating in Tier II but that KSAFA's decision would have to be reviewed by the board before they attempt any intervention.

"I am waiting on a formal correspondence on it," Chung disclosed. "It only came to my attention recently. So I haven't received anything formally on it, but that is something the board will have to deal with. I can't address that. It is something the board is to consider," he said.

He pointed out that they have publicly declared their support for teams who accept their invitations to participate in Tier II, and as soon as the board has deliberated and come to a conclusion they will inform the public.

"We had reached out to the clubs to ask if they are interested in playing in Tier II. So we are assisting the clubs to play football. Although I cannot comment much, a decision will be taken by the board and the JFF can give some information soon.

"We want football to prosper for everybody, and that is the sort of approach we will be taking," he pointed.

KSAFA had placed Meadforest under review following their decision to go against an association resolution by taking up a spot in the JFF's national Tier II competition.

The resolution prohibits the association's clubs from participating in Tier II, and the eventual fallout between the club and the association was highly anticipated.


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