Wife kicked me out after I got my girlfriend pregnant


January 17, 2019
A pregnant mother caresses her unborn child. Jane Smith feels no such love for the baby which is growing inside her.

Dear Pastor,

I am a 31-year-old man, and my girlfriend is 20 years old. We have one child together. She is currently staying at my parents' house because I am in the United States. She was attending school, but unfortunately she got pregnant so she had to stop. It was a mistake on my part to get her pregnant because I was still married. We tried to keep it as a secret that I am the father of the child, but her family spread it around. My mother told her to come and live with her because I wasn't able to send money for her all the time. I feel so sorry for what I did to this young girl.

My wife was angry when she found out that I was having a child with a girl in Jamaica. She literally put me out of her house. My wife is a few years older than I am. She is American born. When I was unable to leave right away, my wife used to entertain other men right in the house, and I was there and I couldn't say anything.


The first time she brought a man and entertained him at the house, I spoke up about it and she reminded me that I have my woman in Jamaica so I can go to her. Life is a little better for me now, and I am hoping to help my babymother to go back to school. I promised her that I will marry her as soon as I am able to save some money. I don't have any relatives close by. My mother is doing her best. Whatever I send to my babymother, she is satisfied.

When my wife found out about her, I begged her to forgive me. But she said that if I had something she would have forgiven me, but I don't have anything. I came into her life with empty hands so I must leave with empty hands. I am sure life will not always be as rough as it was a few years ago.


Dear L.P.,

I am sure that you have learnt from your mistake. I don't believe that you wilfully wanted to hurt your wife, but you have been very careless and as a result you are suffering from it. Your wife doesn't care about you anymore. I am sure you went to North America to live with her because you wanted a better life, but you destroyed the opportunity that you had. I am sorry about that. Your wife has refused to forgive you, but I am sure that you can bounce back if you work hard. You have a job. It might not be paying a lot of money, but stay with it until you can get another.

I am sure your mother would encourage your babymother not to give up. I hope that indeed she would be able to return to university. Ensure that you keep your word to her. Don't become sexually involved with another woman in America. You have a responsibility towards this girl and your child. Take care of yourself. Be a real man. And please, try your best to support your child here in Jamaica, and of course, the child's mother.


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