Husband searches my handbag


January 18, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I am 40 years old, and I am having a problem. I have been married for five years, and my husband and I are not getting along. He believes in keeping me in bondage. It is like I am in prison. My husband is a 'maama man'. I have caught him searching the bag I use when I am going to work. I generally put extra underwear, a rag and soap in my bag, and my husband accused me of having another man. He said that that is why I walk with those things. He said that that is what bad women do when they are having affairs.

I complained to his mother, and she said she would talk to him. She did, and when he came home, he cursed me and told me things that I will never forget. I cannot stay with this man any longer. The very place this man puts his penis, he cursed me about. I am going to have to leave him because I can't take it. I stopped having sex with him because of his accusation. I have not had a relationship with any other man since this man and I have been married.


Dear T.A.,

I suggest that you encourage this man to accompany you to go to see a family counsellor. If he refuses to go, you should make plans to go your way. Evidently, he is not behaving as an intelligent man. One cannot even say that he is jealous. He is just silly.


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