Begging a laptop for my daughter

January 17, 2022

Dear Pastor,

I have written to you before and was pleased when I read your reply to me. I am an avid reader of your column. The reason for this letter is for my daughter. She is in fifth form and doing excellent in school. She will be sitting eight Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) subjects when they commence in April. I try my utmost best to provide everything she needs to enhance her learning. She is doing online classes. She has a laptop that she uses to do her schoolwork but it is malfunctioning. Many times when she is online it just shuts down or it won't charge properly. I took it to the technician but he says it cannot be fixed

Pastor, at this time I am not in the position to purchase one for her. Therefore I'm kindly asking if anyone out there can source one for her. She has labs and SBAs working on and I wouldn't want this to affect her studies. I would really appreciate this for my daughter as I know she will do well in her exams. Thank you for reading my letter.


Dear S.B.,

You should teach your daughter to help herself. She should work on weekends and be in a position to buy herself a laptop. Do not give your daughter the impression that she has to beg the public for everything that she needs for school. I am not trying to be very hard on your daughter, I am just telling you to help her to become independent. She has done well and she would do even better by learning to provide for herself. I wish her well in her exams. Having said the above, if anybody wants to help her, I will contact you.


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