YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS! - Parents think I’m too young for a boyfriend

January 17, 2022

Dear Pastor,

I am 16 and I am living at home with my parents. I have a boyfriend and he lives on the same street. I see him every day. When I don't see him, I worry.

I know that this is true love. But my parents told me that I am too young to have a boyfriend. My boyfriend and I only discuss schoolwork. I am not allowed to go anywhere with guys.


My girlfriends visit me and my parents have nothing against that. But no guy can come to our house to see me. My parents have made that clear to me. Some of my friends lie to their parents and go out on Saturdays to meet with boys. I have never done that. I don't want to disappoint my parents.

The father of my boyfriend knows that we are friends and one day he was passing our gate and saw me and he slowed down and said hello. He is a very nice man. Do you think I should tell my parents that this guy and I are friends and I would love for him to be able to visit me? Please give me your advice. I will be looking out for your answer.


Dear Writer,

You will be well advised to stick to your books and not to be carried away with any male friend. You know of the tricks that some of your girlfriends are playing because they want to see their boyfriends. Keep away from these tricks. Focus on your schoolwork. Do well in school and get yourself a profession.

You know how your parents feel about you having a boyfriend. However, you should tell them about this young man because it won't be long before they find out about him. If they don't want him to come around, keep the love that you have for him in your heart, but don't allow it to get to your head. Take good care.


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