Girlfriend doesn’t want to live in Jamaica

May 26, 2022

Dear Pastor,

I am a widower. I was married for 21 years but my wife has passed on. We had two children but they are grown. I am living in America but it is my dream to come back to Jamaica.

I do not have a home in Jamaica. I have two siblings living there. They have no intention of leaving Jamaica. I am now retired. I am tired of the cold but when I hear about what is going on in Jamaica, I wonder if I can fit in.

I am presently seeing somebody. She is an American. She does not want to live in Jamaica, and that is my big problem. I am very active in my church and I do not want to give that up. My bishop doesn't want to lose me but he understands what I am going through. This woman who loves me is the sister of my bishop. She was once married but is divorced. Sometimes I have difficulty falling asleep at nights when I think of her.

I have got over the death of my wife, but how did I get in with a woman who does not want to live in Jamaica? The bishop told me to forget about Jamaica and just stay in America. But my heart tells me that Jamaica is the place for me to be. I want to hear your comments.

Initials Withheld

Dear Writer,

If you believe that Jamaica is calling you, then you must obey. Break up with this woman. Tell the bishop that as much as you love his sister, the relationship has to end. Come home to your country; come home to the land of your birth. And while you are here, you may find a sweet Jamaican woman who will love and respect you and treat you right.


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