Girlfriend is jealous of my babymother

June 30, 2022

Dear Pastor,

I am a 32-year-old man and my girlfriend is 30. When I met her, I was very happy but I am not happy any more.

I have a son and he was living with me. My girlfriend always picks fights with my child's mother. We are not living far away from my child's mother. So sometimes after work, I stop to see him and my girlfriend makes an issue of that. My child's mother has a man and he knows me but my girlfriend told him that my child's mother is giving him bun. He told me that he does not believe it. When I questioned her as to why she was making mischief, she told me that she knew that something is going on between us because I don't give her as much money as I used to. I give my child's mother money to take care of my son and to pay his school fees. I don't want her to be calling me and asking for money.

My girlfriend is jealous of my child's mother. And another thing, she does not have children and she has been trying her best to get pregnant. But nothing has happened. She has spent a lot of money going to doctors and now she believes that my child's mother, who is a spiritualist, has cast a spell on her to prevent her from getting pregnant.

I am a very unhappy man and I believe that the only thing that will make me happy is to get this woman out of my life. She has threatened to come to my workplace and embarrass me. I can't afford to let that happen because I would lose my job. Sometimes I would like my son to spend weekends with us but my girlfriend strongly objects to it. How can I be happy if my son is not welcome at my house? Tell me what to do.

Initials Withheld

Dear Writer,

You should take your time and draw away from the woman with whom you are living. You have come to realise that she is a bold faced liar. She cannot be trusted. So why do you stay with her? You should seriously put plans in place to move on.

Your child's mother should do her best to keep away from this woman. Her man friend is a wise man. He has not accepted the lies that your girlfriend has told. You need to be thankful that he has confidence in his woman. You will have to get this woman out of your life. She is probably jealous of your child's mother. Just leave her and let her fall on her own sword.


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