Wife using obeah to get rid of me

June 30, 2022

Dear Pastor,

I try to read your column as often as I can and to listen to you on the radio. I have been reading your column for a long time and now that I am living in Florida, I continue to read your column and to listen to your show.

I know some of your callers by name. Some of them really try your patience. Many of them make us keep up with what is going on in Jamaica. I have two children but they are no longer living with me. Presently, I am alone because my wife has found a younger man and she has moved in with him. She said she is just tired of me. I am not tired of her but she took up the American style and I can't deal with that. She wants to go out every weekend. Her friends told me that she was cheating.

I am 60 years old and I am thinking about retirement. My wife says that she is not coming back to Jamaica. When we got married, I told her that it was until death do us part. She has a way now of saying that she would part with me if I don't have anything to keep her, meaning, if my money runs out. My wife believes in obeah. She is constantly burning incense to run away duppies and she rubs herself up in stinking oil before coming to bed when she does not want me to touch her.

I am getting scared of this woman. Sometimes I don't want to eat from her. There is a bathroom that my wife and I use and when she wants to pass her urine, instead of going to the bathroom, she pulls out a potty from under the bed and urinates in it. The bathroom is only a few feet away from our bedroom. She told me she always has to have urine in the potty as a defence against me. What can I do with this woman? I am so fed up of her!


Dear G.A.,

You gave your age but you did not give this woman's age. I am assuming that she is much younger than you. She is not behaving as someone who is normal. She seems to be someone who needs psychiatric care. You should be glad that she moved out. Make sure that you keep a good relationship with your children. I am sure by now they realise that something is wrong with their mother. She does not want to come back to Jamaica that should not be an issue. Jamaica is your homeland and if you want to return, nobody should try and prevent you.

My dear sir, I have got so many letters about women who have ended their marriage and have gone to live with younger men. You know you have not done her any wrong so keep strong. This woman was very strange. Although the bathroom was close by, she had a potty under her bed and used it to urinate in the night. However, she did warn you that it was there for another purpose. Perhaps she would not have been reluctant in pouring its content on your head. I don't think you have anything to lose not having this mad woman around.


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