Side chick wants to take me from my fiancée

January 18, 2023

Dear Pastor,

I am 30 and I enjoy listening to your show at nights. I try to read THE STAR often. I drive a taxi, and I hear different passengers talking about what they read it in it. You are doing a good job; please keep it up.

I have an issue that I want to share with you. I am engaged, but my fiancee is a strict Christian. I go to church, but not all the time because of my job. I have to pay the owner of the car that I drive. Sometimes I have to hustle on a Sunday to make enough money to pay my bills and to help my fiancee. I don't want her to know that sometimes I cheat. I don't want to lose her, but I have two different women who travel with me and they told me that they have never met any man so foolish to stick with one woman.

One of them has a boyfriend who is working in the US. Sometimes she doesn't have the money to pay me. I told her that I would wait until her boyfriend send money for her. She offered me sex, so I took it a couple of times. Now she says that she plans to take me away from my fiancee. I will not let that happen. She is serious about this relationship. The other girl who likes me has two children. But when she offered me sex, she was under her liquor. She asked me to take her home and when I did, she told me I didn't have to leave. I did not want to have sex with her. My fiancee called me several times and asked where I was.

I don't have any children, and if I follow these women I will not get married. My fiancee is a serious Christian. She is encouraging me to leave the taxi business, or to buy my own car to get off the road at nights. Some of these women don't care who they throw themselves at. When I told this woman with the two children that I had to leave, she wanted to know if I had 'gone the other way'. Sometimes I don't get enough money to pay the owner of the car. The taxi business can pay, but some of the owners are greedy.


Dear N.G.,

You are involved with a Christian. You don't have anything bad to say about her, so my suggestion is that you stick with that woman. She is not the run-around type of woman.

She sees you as a good man. She does not harass you for money as so many women do to their men. Some women harass their men, especially when they know that they operate taxis. Many of the taxis that we see on the roads are not owned by the drivers. So they are working hard to meet the demands of the owner and to earn something for themselves.

I wonder whether that is the reason why some drive recklessly. I knew a man who operated a taxi and he said he did not do so at nights. He got off the road early, but he earned a living as a taxi operator. You might probably have to stop transporting these women who are after your soul. You have already been warned by one of them that she will take you away from the woman you truly love. So if you truly love your woman and you intend to marry her, don't allow these other women to lead you along the wrong path.

I remember on the Dear Pastor Show, one woman called in and cursed one of my guests. She told her that she should get off the street and get a job. The woman who sat in the studio with me responded by telling her that all she wanted was to go to bed with her man just once and she, the caller, would never get him back. I also remember the woman saying that she did not go to bed with any man for less than $10,000. As a taxi driver, you know that there are different types of prostitutes; some beat the street, while others do their business where they live. Some are call girls. So I repeat, stay with your fiancee.


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