Dream girl refuses to marry me

March 23, 2023

Dear Pastor,

Greetings to you. I am living in the United States of America, where I operate a taxi. Lots of the women who travel with me are Jamaicans. Many of them are living with their men. I try to be friendly with them, but they always say that their men are very jealous, and their men will beat them.

I went out with one of the women. She did so while her boyfriend had gone to Jamaica for a week. It cost me US$700 to be with her. She had to keep her phone on throughout the time we were together.

This man she is with has a babymother in Jamaica. He recently got a green card. He wants to marry this woman, but he also promised his babymother to marry her.

I have fathered three children, but this woman makes me feel so good. When I was making love to her, I couldn't stop. Everything was in order. I can't describe to you how I felt. This woman was so tight, I wondered what she was using to be that way.

I am not going to lie, I like her a lot. However, she is afraid to get married to me. I am not a violent man, but she says that this man she is living with wouldn't be afraid to beat her up and beat me up, too.

I have made up my mind to get this woman, but since the man she is living with has returned to America, she has been hiding from me. I understand that he used to be a badman in Jamaica.

I recently saw this woman in a parking lot at a plaza and I asked why she is hiding; she told me she is afraid of her man. I told her I would like her to give me back the US$700 I gave to her and she said that was used up. She insisted that the time she spent with me was worth more than that. She said she would give me back at least half, but I should wait on her. I told her she is a gold-digger, so I want back my money.

I am now friendly with an Asian girl. She is very quiet. I have decided to stick with her, but I still want to get back the money I gave to the Jamaican woman.


Dear S.L.,

Take it from me, leave this woman alone. She told you that the time both of you spent together was worth more than the US$700 you gave to her. You know that she is speaking the truth, because you commented in your letter what you discovered when both of you went to bed. Don't be a 'maama man'. If you believe that you have lost out on this woman, accept your losses and move on.

The woman told you that her boyfriend is a badman. When a woman describes her boyfriend as a badman, she is not just describing that he is wild and has lots of women. She is saying that he would beat you up and beat her also. So I repeat, leave this woman alone. You should know that US$700 cannot buy her love. Why would you want to marry this woman? She is a cheater. I warn you, let the woman go with the money.

You say you are going with an Asian girl. If she is unattached, treat her well and be true to her.


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