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October 01, 2015

Welcome back to Real Talk. Now, last week you got part 1 of my interview with D'Angel so here's part 2. Remember to check out the full interview on the STAR's website or the STAR's YouTube channel.

Renee: What can a man do to win your heart?

D'Angel: Well I'm not married but I'm not single. (Laughs) Where I am now, I am at a happy place in my life. I am not really focused on a relationship per se. And as a mother, whoever I bring around my child must be a great person. He can't be too conceited, must be a great dad if he has kids, just have a great relationship with his mom. As I said, I'm not going to bring any and anybody around my child. I'm just taking things slowly not really rushing anything. I'm focused on my music and being a great mom."

Renee: Would you get married again?

D'Angel: Of course! (Laughs). I believe in union and having children in wedlock. If I'm going to have another child it would have to be in wedlock so I definitely believe in marriage."

Renee: What kind of father is Beenie Man to your son?

D'Angel: He's a really good dad. Marco Dean is so much like him so whenever they are together, they play a lot. He's a very supportive dad of Marco Dean. He's a disciplinarian, when foot fi pudding him pudding him foot. Me always a say "No, no, leave him alone (smiles). You know how the mom is but he's always saying "No a boy pickney him fi grow rough." (Laughs)

Renee: How do you deal with criticism?

D'Angel: I've learnt to cope with it. Good or bad or indifference. I know who I am. I've learnt to rise above criticism. I think success is the best revenge so it is something I don't pay attention to because I'm busy doing other things. When you talk bout D'Angel me go harder because I've been through so much. Is like me graduate with honours from criticism. I turn everything into positives."

This is where I say peace out for this week. Catch me next week when I speak to another one of your favourite Jamaican. Have a great weekend and until next week, keep it real!

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