Businessman before court for knock-off goods

July 14, 2022
Counterfeit goods
Counterfeit goods

A Chinese businessman who was allegedly found to be in possession of large quantities of pairs of counterfeit sneakers and clothes, along with more than 200 bottles of transmission fuel, made his first appearance in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court yesterday.

Yitong Chen is charged with seven counts of unauthorised use of trademark and deceptive and misleading conduct, contrary to the Trademark and Consumer Protection Acts.

The court heard that on June 8, members from the Counter-Terrorism and Organised Crime Branch carried out an operation at Princess Street, downtown Kingston, where Chen operates a store. A search was done of the premises where the goods, which are said to be counterfeit products, were found.

The items seized were: 84 bottles of transmission fluid; 120 bottles of Chevron engine oil; 1,700 pairs of Gucci slippers; nine Hugo Boss dress suits; 90 pairs of Adidas slippers; 135 pairs of Nike slippers; 1,903 pairs of Crocs slippers; 168 pairs of Samsung headphones; 16 pairs of Beats by Dre headphones; 74 pairs of Nike headphones; 3,742 DreamWorks backpacks; 1,286 pieces of Fila apparel; 3,517 pieces of Burberry apparel; 12,200 pieces of Gucci apparel; and 36 Gucci handbags.

The accused is represented by attorney-at-law Able-Don Foote, who did not provide a plea on behalf of his client. However, the lawyer requested disclosure to facilitate further discussions with Chen. The prosecutors also requested an adjournment in the matter to obtain statements from the brand-holders.

Parish judge Maxine Dennis-McPherson granted the request and set the matter to be mentioned on September 22.

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