Go-go club patrons accused of destroying property

November 16, 2022

Seven men who visited adult entertainment establishments during a night of fun were apprehended by police, allegedly for destroying surveillance cameras at a business place in the Kingston 5 area.

Carl Brown, Damion Fairweather, Kemo Jahdean, Josey Richards, Chevonne Orr, Jevaun Brown and Dwight Chin pleaded not guilty to malicious destruction of property and possession of housebreaking implements before Senior Parish Judge Lori-Anne Cole-Montaque on Tuesday in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court. They indicated that they went out together to "buy some ladies" at a popular exotic nightclub on Ripon Road.

"Yes, I have heard of it. Don't worry, this judge is an 'in the streets' judge," Cole-Montaque revealed. However, she questioned how the men planned to 'buy' as a group.

"In terms of, it is seven of you charged, so would it be one woman to each of you? Tell me how it works," she asked.

"Well, Your Honour, from we touch the spot and me see the girl weh me want, we just match dem up, you understand me Your Honour?" explained Fairweather.

"That make sense because the togetherness of it, me start fi say a how that would work, a seven man. I was having a challenge processing it," the jurist said, evoking stifled laughter in the courtroom.

Orr told the judge that the group visited Port Henderson Road, popularly known as Back Road in St Catherine, to "enjoy themselves", when they were stopped by the police on their way home.

"While coming back on the Toll Road, I drop asleep so I do not know what took place from there. Only thing, the police wake me up and throw we down pon we face. That's the reason why me deh here so. I don't know anything about anything," Orr shared.

"There is a gap in the story," the senior judge noted.

The court heard that housebreaking implements such as a steel cutter, crowbar and a can of black spray paint were allegedly found in the men's possession.

The matter was adjourned until December 2, as the case file is not yet complete.

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