Suspect in 'Dog Face' murder charged


January 21, 2019

Detectives have laid charges against a suspect in connection with a murder in August Town, Kingston 7. The latest to be charged is 20-year-old Federico McLean, otherwise called 'Feather', 'Fedo' and 'Mopp', of Beaumont Road in August Town, Kingston 7. He was arrested during a joint police/military operation in his community on Saturday, January 12.

He has been charged with murder, conspiracy to murder, illegal possession of firearm, and illegal possession of ammunition.

The charges stem from the October 26, 2018 murder of 39-year-old Damion Ball, otherwise called 'Dog Face', of Goldsmith Villa in August Town, Kingston 7. Ball was found lying along Princess Alice Drive in the parish with several gunshot wounds.

McLean is scheduled to appear in the St Andrew Parish Court on Monday, January 28 to answer the charges.

Commenting on McLean's arrest and charge, head of the Criminal Investigations Branch, Senior Superintendent of Police McArthur Sutherland reassured residents of August Town, saying: "The Criminal Investigation Branch is actively pursuing all the investigative leads that have emerged; the investigators are determined to have other suspects arrested," he said.

Sutherland continued: "We continue to expand operational and investigative efforts in an effort to cauterise rivalry amongst criminal gangs in the space. The efforts also seek to degrade and dismantle the existing criminal gang structures in a sustainable manner to enable citizens to move about in a safer environment."

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